Scale Up your business with our Scaleup Acceleration Program

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The MIC Brussels Scaleup Acceleration program aims to support more mature startups willing to successfully grow their business (a.k.a. Scaleups).

The program includes 18 sessions and will be held over 6 months (part-time) starting mid-March.

The scaleups will receive a high-level tailored coaching in one-to-one sessions. In addition, the participants will enjoy peer to peer sessions and a series of workshops dedicated to specific issues, i.e. finance, growth hacking, customer experience, pitching, depending on participants’ needs. The entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to benefit from the MIC’s network of technical experts.
The program starts with a 1:1 diagnosis session and ends with a Final oriented towards funding and investors.

The following criteria will be assessed to validate your registration:

  • Product : how mature, and how used is it ?
  • Revenue model, revenue size, and growth potential
  • Customer portfolio
  • Number of founders/employees engaged full time in the project

The main coach will be Roald Sieberath, a tech entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, who has been involved as coach, co-founder or board member in a large number of startups (some of which have grown revenue over 10 M€).

The price is EUR 1000 + VAT, per team.


24/03/2016 Diagnostic
7/04/2016 Peer-to-peer learning
11/04/2026 1 to 1 Group A
12/04/2016 1 to 1 Group B
25/04/2016 Workshop: Know your Customer (Christian Sallustro: User Experience Designer- Ergonline)
2/05/2016 1 to 1 Group A
3/05/2016 1 to 1 Group B
10/05/2016 Peer-to-peer learning
24/05/2016 Workshop: Growth Hacking (Stephan Pire: eCommerce Entrepreneur)
6/06/2016 1 to 1 Group A
7/06/2016 1 to 1 Group B
14/06/2016 Peer-to-peer learning
21/06/2016 Workshop:  Finance & Fundraising (Raphaël Abou & Serge Van Oudenhove: Serious Funding)
27/06/2016 1 to 1 Group A
28/06/2016 1 to 1 Group B
4/07/2016 Peer-to-peer learning
11/07/2016 1 to 1 Group A
12/07/2016 1 to 1 Group B
14/07/2016 Workshop:  Pitching (TBC)
6/09/2016 Peer-to-peer learning
12/09/2016 1 to 1 Group A
13/09/2016 1 to 1 Group B
16/09/2016 Peer-to-peer learning
22/09/2016 Final

If you want to subscribe send us an email to

Are you looking for a .NET developer intern in 2016?

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You are a company and you are interested in a .NET developer?

  • The MIC Brussels will run a program for .NET Developer students in 2016. The student works for a project in your company and spends 2 days at MIC Brussels where he gets extra coaching from our MIC professional .NET coach, and the rest of the week in your company.
  • Other internship programs will take place during the year with .NET developer students who can join your team for a free 6 weeks internship program.










If you are interested by a Developer intern, contact us by email at or by phone at +32 (0) 4 733 37 254 .

Contact us !

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The MIC Brussels Management Team

New partnership for Microsoft – BizSpark

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Today, Microsoft announced a partnership with over 150 of the world’s top accelerators in 47 countries to deliver $120,000 of free Azure to qualified global startups. To learn more about this announcement, please read Steve Guggenheimer’s blog post on the Fire Hose Blog.


Microsoft’s cloud is leading the way in the new era for startups and enterprises alike, with the most simple AND complete cloud experience available.

The offer expands the existing BizSpark Plus program which, in addition to open source-friendly Azure, provides free software, developer tools, and technical support to help startups be successful. Check out this video to hear what some of the partner accelerators had to say.

The offer can be accessed through any of the Microsoft Innovation Centers in Belgium.


Contact the Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels

MIC IT Internship Program

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Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels (hereafter referred to as MIC Brussels) organises an IT internship support service for educational establishment students and in favour of companies from the Brussels Region. For those purposes, MIC Brussels proposes a professional support and a professional follow-up to maximise the trainees learning results and the companies’ objectives.

The MIC Brussels IT internship program (“IT Stage”) is a program that welcomes each year .NET Developer students in their last year of studies, to do during an internship in a company.

The principle: the student works for a project in a company and spends 2 days at MIC Brussels where he gets extra coaching from our MIC professional .NET coach, and the rest of the week in your company.

During his time at MIC Brussels, the student will get extra help from the coach on his internship project, and also get to do extra trainings to improve his skills on the following themes:

  • Agilty scrum method
  • Debugging
  • Pair programming
  • Elaboration of specifications
  • Design patterns
  • etc.

In the course of the program, the student also gets to pass 3 Microsoft Certifications exams for .Net developers.

The trainee can apply for an internship in MIC Brussels through a call for candidatures on the following website address:  (publication in September each year). The trainee will have to answer general questions, to pass a technical test online and to write a cover letter. All the information will be used in order to direct the trainees towards the companies and the projects that best suit them.

The companies can also ask for the attribution of a trainee through the same call for projects and will have to describe their project.

Contact us by email at or by phone at +32 (0) 2 704 33 67 .

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The MIC Brussels Management Team

Boostcamp #7 Edition Agenda

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The MIC Brussels Boostcamp is a complete program organised by the Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) aiming to help entrepreneurs from the ICT* sector to accelerate the start of their business.

The new MIC Brussels Boostcamp #7 will take place from February to June 2015. Check the Agenda below:

Date Title and registration link
12/3 Value Preposition Canvas
16/3 MBC et P&L carton de bière
20/3 Lean + MOOC auto evaluation
30/3 Pitch Session
2/4 Boostcamp #7 Semi-Final
16/4 Coaching 1A
20/4 SoftSkilss Session
23/4 Coaching 1B
28/4 Digital Marketing Session
30/4 Expert Day 1
4/5 Coaching 2A
7/5 Sales Session
11/5 Growth Hacking & Internet
12/5 Coaching 2B
18/5 Finance Session
19/5 Expert Day 2
28/5 Coaching 3A
1/6 Coaching 3B
4/6 Rehersal
8/6 Public Pitch and Investor Pitch
10/6 Extra Rehersal
 16/6 Boostcamp #7 FInal and Award Ceremony

Questions?  Comments?   Want to join?  Contact Penelope at MIC Brussels right now!

Initiation au Kodu

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Le 25 mars 2014 le Microsoft Innovation Center Bruxelles a lancĂ© une nouvelle initiative visant Ă  sensibiliser les enfants Ă  la programmation. Le MIC organise des sĂ©ances d’initiation sur Kodu pour les Ă©coles primaires dans la rĂ©gion de Bruxelles.

Le principe est d’organiser des sessions d’initiation à la programmation sur « Kodu » pour des classes primaires de 5ème ou 6ème primaire. L’objet des sessions est de faire découvrir la programmation aux enfants.

Kodu est un logiciel permettant la crĂ©ation de jeux par un langage de programmation visuel simple et intuitif. Il a Ă©tĂ© crĂ©Ă© par Microsoft pour apprendre aux enfants Ă  programmer. Le logiciel a Ă©tĂ© pensĂ© pour permettre de crĂ©er des jeux pour faire travailler du contenu d’apprentissage, mais Ă©galement comme support Ă  l’apprentissage. En effet, il permet de travailler la crĂ©ativitĂ©, la programmation, la rĂ©solution de problèmes, ainsi que le rĂ©cit, dont l’utilisateur devient le metteur en scène.

Les sessions sont gratuites et se déroulent au Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels, rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Bruxelles. Nous accueillons une classe entière avec leur professeur de 9h à 13h et offrons un lunch aux enfants avant leur départ.

Op 25 maart 2014 heeft het Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels een nieuw initiatief gelanceerd waarmee het kinderen vertrouwd wil maken met programmeren. Het MIC organiseert initiatiesessies over Kodu voor lagere scholen in de regio van Brussel.

Het is de bedoeling initiatiesessies te organiseren rond de programmeertaal “Kodu” voor klassen van het vijfde en het zesde leerjaar. Het doel van deze sessies is kinderen te laten kennismaken met programmeren.

Kodu is een software waarmee via een eenvoudige en intuïtieve visuele programmeertaal spelletjes gemaakt kunnen worden. De taal werd ontwikkeld door Microsoft om kinderen te leren programmeren. De software is zodanig ontworpen dat men spelletjes kan maken om leerinhoud in de praktijk te brengen, maar hij kan ook als leerondersteuning gebruikt worden. De gebruiker moet immers creatief zijn, programmeren, problemen oplossen en een verhaal vertellen dat hij zelf in scène zet.

De sessies zijn gratis en vinden plaats in het Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels, Montoyerstraat 51, 1000 Brussel. Wij ontvangen een volledige klas met hun leerkracht van 9 tot 13 uur en bieden de kinderen een lunch aan voordat ze vertrekken.